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Ron's House
A little place just up the road.

Welcome to Ron's House!

Welcome to my homestead on the Web.

      Thanks for stopping by.  Gretchen and I are always glad to see you, and we like company a lot.  We don't get much of that way out here.

     This site is mostly an adjunct to my memory.  Everything here will be  "a few of my favorite things."

     I like recipes,  I like songs,  and I like words... those I've written, and those written by others, whether famous or Infamous.  Most of my best friends are probably in the latter class.  Birds of a feather, you know.

     I wanted to start off with a bit of "Bio,"  But find it sounds too trite to say something like; "I was born during a blizzard in the fall of 1944.  My folks had to bundle up in an unheated sleigh of sorts, and travel some 40-odd miles cross-country to the hospital, leaving our poor log cabin in the care of my dad's lonely hound, 'Weeney."  He got the name when they threw him a hot dog one night, and the dog tried to swallow it whole, or some such thing.  He gagged, and coughed, and finally threw it up all over the kitchen floor.  Thereafter, whenever dogs or kids around our house became over optimistic about what they could get into and through their gullets, causing choking and turning funny colors, they would always hear:  "WEENEY!  Chew it First!!!"  But I guess that should perhaps have been a tale for another day.  Hardly something to welcome guests with!

     Things happen like that in my home, though, so I guess you should be prepared, and don't worry if it happens to you.  We don't make fun here.  We laugh a lot, and joke even more, but it's not nice to hurt others with words or great big heavy clubs with sharp nails in them.  Anyone welcomed into my home is under our personal protection, and no harm shall come to you.  If accidents happen, we take care of each other, and get each other through the tough times.  Those are the rules.

     We hope to see you often, and ask you to come back.  If you have neat things to share, bring those along, too.

I have a site with some pictures on it.  It is at  http://ronharryman.myphotoalbum.com  but I think you have to copy the address into your browser window, because when I make it a "clickable link," it seems to go to the front page of the myphotoalbum sign and insist you sign up.

My drawings and poems and songs are listed here for your enjoyment.  If you like them, feel free to copy them to your own purposes.  If you USE them for some neat project, I'd appreciate some kind of recognition.  I also have an account at PayPal if you really like them, and would like to help me out.  Or just buy Gretchen a few chew-bones.  We don't really require much.

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